Becoming Redundant

A new home-party type beauty biz is creeping across the country. I came across it at the event I visited last week in Miami.

BECOME is a brand of skin care boasting “age resistant” products, developed in Australia and selling world-wide.
You host a “home clinic” instead of a “home party”.
The marketing is done well and the packaging is beautiful.

There is no make up to this line. Strictly skin-care.
Hydrating serums, cleansers, body wash, etc.
I respect that aspect. They aren’t trying to do everything. They are focusing on a more specific need and trying to be the best.
However, the multi-product sample packet was suspiciously similar to that of an Arbonne sampler. I don’t have patience for a 4-6 step skin routine at morning and night, and the tiny packets all attached together…trying to rip them open once my hands were wet, some spilling because they were liquid…ugh…I made a mess. I’m more of a two-step gal, sadly. Then I cheat with a little Botox later. Hey…I’m not saying it’s the right way…it’s simply my way.

It seems the ladies we met in Miami are on the ground-floor of this new-to-the-USA product line. It was great to talk to them and hear their excitement. I love hearing women talk about something they are passionate about.
There is no telling how long this will take to spread to our beloved Midwest, but if the excitement of those ladies is contagious, it won’t take as long as fashion typically takes.