Colorful Locks for Fall

Notes from Xiphium expert colorist, Christina:

It’s Fall again and with the season comes gray skies, cold weather and cabin fever. In other words, time for you to revamp your hair color! It’s all about eye-popping color and blinding shine this season.

For brunettes (or those who want to become one) now is the time to go richer, deeper or darker. Richen your dreary browns withs shades of chocolate, mahogany and copper. Then punch up that color with highlights of gold, honey and chestnut.

For the red heads, now is the time to go for it. Take your everyday auburn to show stopping candy apple.

Blondes, the time is here for chilling platinum ice and glowing golds to show off your inner glamour girl. If you aren’t quite ready to go all out just yet, try an eye catching piece of color in your fringe. Or, ramp up your current style with a high shine gloss to add some non-committal color and shine and take your hair look to the next level.

Whatever look is for you this season, go for it. It’s your time to shine and we’d love to help you do so at Xiphium! Check out the new location in the exquisite Mission Farms shopping area.