Bigg Ideas

I get tired of this cookie-cutter world we live in and sometimes have to just make a break for it. I broke the mold with my new holiday card design!

Check out this awesome new holiday card design I had designed by Bigg Eye Creations. For much less than buying a card off the shelf at the mega stores, and way more cute, you can get cards at Bigg Eye in which the character on the card represents you, the friend you’re giving it to, or even your entire family! So unique!

My new cards feature a character from the Sassy Susie collection. I picked the girl that looked most like me, then customized her clothes. It was that easy. Suzanne, owner of Bigg Eye Creations, is so easy to work with and loves coming up with new ideas like this one. Plus she’s a local gal, which we all love supporting our own, right?!

Visit Bigg Eye Creations online now and design a holiday card showing each of your family members, even the dog. Hurry because her holiday rush is starting and you want to be first in line.

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