Out And About

Today’s blog isn’t particularly fulfilling, I apologize. I have a million places to be in the short three hours that my kids are at the babysitter. I’m very new to this kind of life. I don’t remember how to do it. I think you gals need to share some tips with me again!
Many years ago I worked in the corporate world and had to get a little one ready for the day care. It sure seemed easier with a toddler and a baby. Three is about to put me over the edge!

So today let’s talk about some quick tips.
Cheating on your make up. I have found that I can sometimes get away with foundation, blush mascara and lipstick. However I am seriously considering permanent eye brow make up because a girl always looks better with good eyes.

Clothes – duh…have them decided on and ironed the night before. That goes for the kids too.

Work – if you’re like me and work from home, it’s usually a nightmare keeping the work papers separated from the kids stuff. Mine usually ends up with drawings on them. I pack my bag the night before too. Last night I wrote my list of things to do, made sure I had all the paperwork, pens, charged mobile phone, etc.

So why am I still late? Who knows. But I’m getting better. At least today I don’t have to come back home after dropping off the boys to finish my hair and waste precious baby sitting time on that versus going to my appointments.
Feel free to post a comment here and share your great get-ready tips!