Are You Getting the Boot?

I know they say the ankle boot is back, but doesn’t this give you horrible flash-backs to the 80’s and bad Madonna outfits? I just don’t see how I can pull off this trend because I simply do not want to. I lived through the 80’s as a teen and I hated it. I do not want to do it again. Then again, I said I’d never wear capri’s when they first came out, gaucho’s too…then they became a staple to my wardrobe after having a few kids. Don’t worry, I think I’ve thrown out the last pair of baggy capri’s. Ick. Only childbirth can make you crazy enough to buy something that ties at the waist and is otherwise shapeless.

For now I’m passing on the ankle boots because I fell in love with some tall, sexy boots over the weekend. Ok, maybe not some, more like 5. But I only bought 3. I don’t know if I’ve ever stepped foot into Baker’s shoe store at the mall, but I did on Sunday because of the magnetic pull a pair of boots had on me. Unfortunately, that pair didn’t fit well, but the stretch boots were on sale for $50 a pair and I knew I couldn’t pass up a deal like that. Especially when they fit me like I glove.

I pranced around the store in pair after pair of boots, finally deciding on something less boring than my regular black and brown pairs…eggplant and gray in the stretch boots, then a fabulous pair of black boots with a rockin‘ high heel. Talk about updating my wardrobe. Can you say “Haute Mama”?!? I can hardly wait to wear these.

Go get the boot then let us know what fab finds you make!