Shopping Diva to Mom Mode

I hope you made it to the Summer Blow Out Sale yesterday and grabbed some 50% off goodies. it was nutty! Women scrambling for the best pieces of jewelry, hottest handbag and coolest clothes. I bought a new top from Frankie & Jules, among other things that depleted my bank account yet again. I’m such a sucker for sales!

Today it’s “Mom Mode” now. School is starting in just two short weeks. What the heck happened to summer? Now that we’ll have a grade-schooler, preschooler and toddler all busy with activities, I’m looking for shortcuts.

I don’t know how you gals that work out of the home do it. How do you get everyone ready in the morning and get all of you out of the house, to school and to work? Not that working from home is a cake walk. It has taken me an hour just to type this much on the blog between breaking up fights, getting breakfasts, and urging the toddler to keep his diaper on.

Whether you work out of the home, in the home, or your sole job is the house and kids, it’s going to be easier to get it all done if we share some tricks of the trade. Email me or post a comment to share your great tip.

Here’s my one and only: we have a hanging closet organizer for the older boys. Each compartment is labeled with the day of the week. When I fold laundry (ok, when my hubby folds laundry) I take the clothes and divvy up their outfits for the week. It helps the boys get dressed in the morning in something that matches, plus the preschooler learns days of the week and a bit of a reading lesson.

That’s the extent of my mom-wisdom. I can give you lots of shopping and beauty tips, but I’m not great at the mom thing. Please help me! After all, it takes a village to raise a child.

Happy hump day!

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