Hairy Affair

Are you as tired of shaving as I am? It just takes up so much time. Time that many of us don’t have due to work, kids, and the fact that the maid never shows up. 😉

A few days ago I received a free razor from Venus as part of a test panel I’m on. I already use one of their razors, but apparently they have to have twelve different designs and a new one each month to keep you guessing. This new deal, called Venus Breeze, has some sort of rubberized contraption on either side of the blades for moisturizing. Looks strange but I gave it a whirl.

First off, I did not cut myself which I often do when using new blades. Hooray!
The moisturizing doohickies were pretty slimy at first, once mixed with the shaving cream, but it was tolerable.
My legs turned out pretty good. Nice and smooth.
Underarms was another story. There was so much bulk to this razor that I couldn’t get it close enough to my skin to shave – so luckily I had my other razor still in the shower with me and used that.

My vote: I like using this new Venus Breeze, but not enough to stop using my plain old Venus razor.

On another note…should you be so fed up with shaving, there is always hair removal. My list of things to do today includes calling my friends at Bella Skincare and setting up some appointments to laser zap my underarms.

Let us know what works for you, what has not. Post comments right here on the blog and share your thoughts. You might even win a prize for doing so!