Shop For Your Shape

I am so excited to say that my swimsuit shopping experience was not horrible! That’s a first. And it’s definitely not because I’m in better shape than ever before. Quite the contrary. It’s because I finally know how to shop for my shape. It’s so great to pick things off the rack that actually work! I’ll share a few tips:

First – be realistic. This is not the time to think you can lose a few pounds and make that itty bitty thing work. It needs to work for the body you have today.

Second – size doesn’t matter. I was trying on swim suits that were 2-3 sizes bigger than the clothes I wear. Get the one that fits, not the one with the lowest number you can shimmy into.

Boobs: mine is pretty flat, so I pick tops that have some sort of contoured shape or rouching/gathering. Creating texture creates the appearance of something being there when it’s not.
If you can do the bikini there are loads of tops that have underwire, padding and that extra oomph you need.
If you’re boobs have their own zip code, there are swimsuits specially designed for you now! Get the right one and you won’t be falling out of your top.

Bottom half: ugh…I hate this part.
The belly – my six pack resides in the frig now, not on my belly. Plus few large babies have left me with not so smooth skin. I chose three tankini suits! I’ve rarely found one suit that I like…I found three! And the real beauty of shopping- you have so many designers making separates now that you can mix and match sizes to get a great fit.
One-piece suits have evolved a lot too. Many have built in contouring fabric that help hide bulges.
The booty – again, loads of choices in separates. Boy shorts, bikini bottoms, skirted bottoms. If you’re short like me, find something with a high cut thigh to make your legs look a little longer. Every little bit helps.

Lastly, the pattern. If you have a big booty, do not get big polka dots. Duh! Go for a solid color bottom sister.
Big boobs? Please keep in mind that you might not want a flower printed directly on top of each of your ‘girls’.
Horizontal stripes. These should be banned except for in prison. I’d love to see Paris in her striped garb. Ha!
Vertical stripes are more slimming so long as they aren’t too thick.
A diagonal stripe/pattern can create a contoured look if you get the right one.

Just be honest with yourself. It makes the dressing room experience a lot less tearful.
And no, I won’t be taking a photo of me in my new suits. It’s more likely to snow today.
If found my goods at Dillards, by the way. Lots of choices!