Get Dressed!

Dresses are every where this summer, and why not? It’s comfortable, much more forgiving to a not-so-perfect figure and a feminine flair is always a plus.

I found this sexy and festive halter dress at J.Crew.
$148 online at The downside, it’s dry-clean only. But worth it for such a fab dress! Neckline a bit too low for you? Get a simple tube top to match. The empire waist gives a little more room if you have a more ample lower half.

Next up, a halter dress from Banana Republic. This has a neckline that doesn’t dip quite so low, and built-in cra cups. $128 online, this jersey dress is very chic. However, the waist is gathered, so keep that and your mid-drift in mind. Jersey tends to cling a little more.

This next dress from Banana ($118 online) is a bit more friendly if you and your mid-drift aren’t so happy with each other right now. The twist front gives a little more and won’t be clingy in the middle. The puff sleeves add a feminine flair, plus cover arms a bit more too. This dress is great for office to evening. Spice it up with some bright, fun accessories and you’re ready to rock and roll!