Susie Gets Canned

Sassy Susie is enjoying her romp around the world! Next stop: The French Riviera and a visit with her friend, Monique. Of course with the 60th Cannes film festival in full swing, Cannes is the hottest spot for star-gazing and checking out all the fabulous outfits!

Susie caught a glimpse of Eva Mendes, who showed an outift taunting that bigger IS better when it comes to belts. That belt was so wide it nearly doubled as a skirt. 🙂 Her leopard print outfit was a huge hit!

No, Susie didn’t score entry to the hottest party in Cannes, Dolce & Gabbana’s Glamourous Party, but outside was a great spot for spotting trends! Lots of beautiful colors and frilly frocks.

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Huge thanks to Bigg Eye Creations for sharing Susie with us and letting us chronicle her travels!