Sassy Susie Rides!

Sun, fun and…hey, is that Uli?!?! Can you guess where Susie made her first stop? It’s fashionable Miami.

Susie (brought to life by Bigg Eye Creations) wanted to catch some sun and get a bit of a glow before she heads out on her two month vacation around the globe. After catching up with her old gal-pal Didi, the girls spent the day shopping, grabbed a shot of wheatgrass at a local juice-stop then went clubbing all night long.

We asked Susie what fab product she’s loving right now:
I’m so glad I brought my Bobe body butter. You know..the one that was in the swag bags last week? I buttered up to keep my skin from drying out on the plane and it’s great!”

So there you have it. Susie’s trip has begun. Haute Market will be sending her to more fabulous spots around the globe, meeting old friends, making new one’s and all the while she’ll be sending us updates and great product reviews.

Catch Susie’s updates each Wednesday right here on the blog. Remember, the fab products Susie loves will be put in one big prize package for some lucky lady to win at the June 28th shopping party!