Oh girl…I did it again. DSW was kind enough to send me their sale flyer AND a $10 off coupon.!
Of course I rushed on over because I HAD to have new sandals (yes, again).

You’re going to think I’m turning into a shoe-whore. I like to think of my self as Carrie Bradshaw’s sensible sister, Bargain Betty Bradshaw. Where Carrie would spend $500 on a new pair of shoes, I’d spend $50.

My husband would probably like me to interject on the subject of too many shoes. Um…”What?!?”
Get this…this is no lie. He said to me last night that the shoes I bought look all the same because several are very high wedges, and that it’s like him buying brown dress shoes and black dress shoes and saying they aren’t the same. Again I say, “What?!?”.
Apparently they don’t have many shoe choices on Mars.
Anyway..back to Venus where I found these cuties.

Don’t laugh at me for buying Dr. Scholl’s shoes. The things are so comfie. The strap is a bit uncomfortable right now, but I probably need to break it in a bit. I love the animal print wedge! These are $69.95 on Dr. Scholl’s web site. At DSW they were 1/2 that!

My next find was an attempt at being more of a girly-girl. Again, husband interjects – “You’re not a girly-girl.” Duh…that’s why I get the shoes and try my very best at being girly.” Ugh…martians.

Kenzie (far left) has some adorable shoes with a lace covered upper, rounded open toe wedge. I just adore them. So feminine and pretty (about $35 at DSW).

Next up, Report, the Boardwalk style (far right). Cream and brown dotted sandals. Even the heel is patterened! I could live without the bow on the upper, but it does help my girly-girl quest.

Tucked in the middle of the picture are my other new faves that I couldn’t leave out. Two Chic Blvd. carries these. They have a ribbon tie that you can wrap around your ankle then tie in a bow. A light tan colored upper with pink and green polka-dots. Another wedge heel, which makes my martian think, again, “same shoe”. Duh. I think these were $45 and can still be found at Two Chic Blvd. Get them on your trip to the Girls’ Night next Thursday the 17th.

Looks like I’d better get that pedicure this weekend. You know…if my hubby were thinking straight instead of being confused by all the ‘same‘ shoes lined up in the closet…he’d have realized yesterday…3 new shoes, we have 3 boys…mother’s day gift from each boy. Job done. Good thing that the martian doesn’t read my blog. I’d hate to give him all my brilliant ideas.

Go, shop, enjoy! Leave the martians at home.