Parisian Princess

Hello dahhhh-lings. I’m still jet setting around the world thanks to Haute Market.

This week I am in fabulous Paris! It really is as wonderful as people say it is. The amazing little streets angling off the main roads are such fun to stroll along with my friend Chloe and her sweet dog Juju.

It’s a bit cloudy today, but in the low 70’s and beautiful for a stroll thru the park and a quick trip up the tower. The view is amazing.

Even more amazing is the shopping. Of course Paris is known for it’s fabulous shops, but to be in them is devine!

Next up is going to be a dream come true. Shopping on 6 floors and houses the worlds largest perfumery. I cannot wait to get there. If you can guess where I am going, email Haute Market. The 10th person with the correct answer wins a FREE admission ticket to the June event!