Spring Fashion Fling

Come have a fling with us at the Wine Bar near 135th & State Line Rd, Tuesday, April 24th.

Not sure what to wear this spring? We’ll have 3 vendors with clothing, sure to have a few goodies for your spring and summer wardrobe. Plus few jewelry designers and accessory boutiques to put on the finishing touches.

I took a peek at the Spring ’07 runway shows, as usual they make it look like anything goes. A lot of white is going on, and of course bold splashes of color.
To the left, a fun outfit: Gwen Steffani for L.A.M.B.
Sweats, now that’s an outfit I can pull off.

Remember Laura’s line from Project Runway? I love this dress (left). The feathers, the feminine style. I think it would look stunning on so many body shapes.

And Uli’s color collection..Jeffrey’s wild side..I was so excited to see some of their styles up close at Macy’s when they held the INC Fashion Show. I still get shivers remembering how close I was to Tim Gunn!

Here is THE most important thing to remember when shopping: Fit, Fit, Fit. Don’t buy it if it almost fits. I don’t care how much you love the color and how fabulous it looks with your skin tone. If the shoe fits, buy it. If it doesn’t, keep looking. Even Tim says so.