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Finding the perfect pair of shoes is easier for me than finding the perfect make up. I am forever floundering at the mercy of Loreal, MAC, Maybelline, etc.
I shot an email to my friend and faboo make up artist, Staci Broski, of 7thRow to get some make-up 911.

Me: I have a terrible time getting my make up to last all day long.
I (usually) wash my face morning and night. Every few days I use a gentle exfoliant.
I’ve experimented with many brands and it’s always the same…by early afternoon I need to reapply my foundation/powder because it’s gone.

Any advice for me and the Haute Market fashionistas?

Staci: Foundation Primer is ONE key to keeping your foundation on all day.
As long as you are exfoliating, at the very least, once a week ( up to 3 X’s recommended), you will find the surface of your skin more satisfying to work with.
There are several foundation primers on the market…The one that works REALLY well for myself and my clients is Laura Mercier foundation primer.
It retails close to $28.00 at Nordstrom Oak Park.
1. Wash Face/exfoliate
2. Apply your moisturizer
3. Apply thin layer of Laura Mercier foundation primer all over face and neck (flat foundation brush to apply moisturizer & primer recommended)
4. Apply makeup!
**Having trouble with Eye Shadow creasing or fading? …Use MAC Eye Paint.
Choose a color close to your natural skin tone (as not to compete with colors you choose to wear)
Apply a very thin layer from the brow bone to the lash line.
Your eye shadow will stay ALL DAY!

I always suggest starting with the eyes first after the first 3 steps. Then follow w/the rest of your look.

Wow…those are some great tips! Can you believe she gives us some of her best secrets?! Let’s try this method and see how it goes girls. Feel free to leave comments about your make up trials and successes! Thank you Staci!!

P.S. The final winner of our Gift of Gab contest is…
Shannon W. of Lenexa! She wins a great list of prizes which includes Deluxe Admission tickets to the April 24th shopping party!

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