I didn’t give you your daily dose of fashion and diva-licious news. So sorry. Ya know…it’s just been one of those crazy days and I’m human. During my normal blogging time, I took a shower and washed my hair instead. The whole schedule was off from then on. But at least I finally had clean hair.

The good news is that things are really rolling for the April 24th event to be held at the Wine Bar. AND…I’ve started planning the June event for you…which will be at least double the size of any of our other shows!

If you’re on the VIP newsletter list, then you should have received our email blast yesterday with the link to our pre-sales ticket page. Get tickets soon. This VIP event will have just 200 tickets available.

Once you’re on the newsletter, spread the Haute Buzz to your friends. If your friend joins the newsletter and lists you, by name, as the person who referred her, you get an entry to the Gift of Gab contest. So gab on!

I’ve got to leave you now. Someone should really be watching the kids. There is lots of giggling going on. With three boys, that’s surely something bad. Cheers!