In & Out:

Here is a quick tip list for what is “in” and “out” in the fashion trends world:

In: color. colorful fabrics and prints are everywhere. There doesn’t seem to be one single color, rather than a fun array of colors to fit your style and skin/hair color. This fun dress by Stella McCartney has great color..just not sure where I’d wear it.
Out: pure pink. It was fun when suddenly all was pink. But soon it looked like the malls had puked pink. Of course you can still wear pink, but the all-pink craze is over. Find another color to accessorize with. You don’t have to throw out the clothes, just find some new colors to pair them with.

In: flouncy fabrics with romantic subtleties. There are loads of soft fabrics floating down the runways, like this one by Toni Maticevski. Delicate knit tops, feminine, soft sundresses. Uli nailed it on Project Runway with her loud prints and soft fabrics for the season. Definitely Miami inspired clothes on the racks this Spring.
Out: tweed. You know the tweed prints that were everywhere 2 or 3 years ago? The pink with the flecks of color, the fringe on all the edges. It’s a little over done. Let’s end that trend.

One last tip: remember that fit is it. Make sure your outfit fits YOU, not just the mannequin. Flouncy and soft does not mean slop. Keep searching until you find the fit and style that is so you!

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