Perfect Day for a Swim

Today would qualify more for the polar bear swim, but we still need to start thinking swim suits. I know…”Ugh”. After three kids I’m not exactly first in line for the hottest new bikini, I am, however, very excited about these chic cover-ups I saw on the ANK Fashion Show video.

Full cover-ups like the one pictured left (about $100), beautiful skirt covers, and more are available this season in a variety of colors and styles.

Something in a more affordable price range, still with a bit of style, can be found at This gauze-like tunic is just $16.99. However, I do not want to catch you in those awful eyelet skirts or terry tube dress covers.

Stay tuned for more great blogs this week. Now that we have our swim suit hunt started, we must get grooving for that haute summer bod! Cheers!