Making Up

Too busy, don’t care, just not a girly girl. Many excuses for not making yourself up, all very lame. Come on ladies. It’s not that tough to dash on a bit of this and that to go from ‘blah’ to ‘ah-ha’. I’m no pro, but I’ll pass on tips to you that were given to me over the years.

Eyes can be the most revealing part of a person. What do you reveal? Drab, tired and overworked? Or haute hot hottie?
Here are a few easy fix ups:
Brows. Bushy and bold is NOT in. My friends at Beach Club Salon Maximus on 95th and Antioch have a great eye brow waxer to fix you right up!
Next, if you have light brows, give them a bit more color and definition. I was taught, by makeup artist Stacy Broski, to use a narrow, slightly stiffer brush, and apply some of my dark brown eye shadow to my brows, which are very light. I love that I don’t have to buy a second product for my brows.

For your lids, apply a lighter base color all over. Next put the darker color on the lower part of the lid and into the crease. Sometimes I’ll use a light color to apply a very thin line just under my brows and on the outsides to create a lighter effect and more pop.

Of course, you must use mascara if you weren’t born with lusious long lashes like my husband and 3 boys. How unfair is that?!?

Now you have no excuse girl friends. I expect lovely lashes, lids and brows from you now.