Are You Fashion Flatlining?

FASHION FLATLINE copy Has your sense of what’s “in” seemed to have turned off?
Does your closet look like a dumping ground for trends gone?
Is your personal style dead in the water?

Then you, my friend, are Fashion Flatlining.
But don’t despair! I’ll have you strutting down the Suburban Catwalk of life like the catwalk queen you are in no time! Subscribe to the blog to get my updates straight to your inbox if you’d like.

In the mean-time, here are 4 few tips to get you started on your journey back to rockin your suburban catwalk:

FIT: either it fits you, can be altered to fit you, or it’s a donation item. That skinny pair of pants hanging there is not inspiring you to work out, it’s reminding you that maybe you should work but mostly it’s making you feel like shit. Get rid of them and get something that fits you right now.

STYLE: if it’s so old that you think it could come back in style but not sure if it has…it hasn’t. Get rid of it.

LENGTH: I go by the fingertip rule because I’m over 30 and have no cause to show my butt cheeks to anyone. If the skirt is shorter than where your fingertips hit your legs then donate it. This is not prudish...I just don’t want to see your butt cheeks either.

ACCESSORIES: have them, wear them, get a little crazy with them. This is where it is most easy to show your personal style. Perhaps you like butterflies but are sensible enough to realize that a dress covered in butterfly pattern is most likely for someone under 8 yrs old. But a lovely butterfly pendant could be a whimsical addition to an otherwise plain day.

Style isn’t scary. It’s yours and it’s there somewhere. You just need to uncover it. Stay tuned and more help will be posted. You can always order a closet consultation from yours truly if you’re ready to seriously clean out and style it up!