Throwback – Interviewing at NYFW Spring 2010

interview spring 2010This is crazy to find in the old archives. My videographer, Ben, is a doll and dug out this old video for me. Sometimes we need a reminder that we can do it, you know? I am looking at an opportunity to do some video and interviewing again and needed to see some old reel for confidence.

So that you know the background to this….I was NOT planning on interviewing anyone.  I was there for the after party after another LOOONG day of fashion shows and walking in very high heels.

Ben’s host was gone but we were all still at the party. People were asking for interviews so he grabbed me. I said “what the heck!”.
It was SO loud! I could hardly hear what the ladies were telling me. People were bumping into us. It was a serious, full on after-party.  Enjoy and laugh a bit if you want.  I did.