What’s Hot – Magnetic Nails

Have you heard about the latest parlor trick in nail polish?  The magnetic nail polish hit the shelves and flies off nearly as fast.

What it is: nail polish with magnetic particles mixed in.

How it works:  paint a base color, then the magnetic polish, then hold the magnet over your nails to create a myriad of artistic looking swirls, stripes or swishes.

The Pros:  interesting nails for the trendy girl!

The Cons: some people report that it’s a bit more time consuming as you have to paint and do the magnet on each nail before moving to the next.  Also the cost may be prohibitive when you consider first the base color, then magnetic polish, then a top coat.

All things weighed I still think it is something fun and new to try and play around with a bit.

What do you think?