What’s New?

Long ago I made a resolution that has stuck.  To never make another new year resolution again.  Cuts the guilt right out of the celebration!  That doesn’t mean that I don’t have new goals and wishes for the new year.  I just don’t have to deal with the fear of failing the typical lofty aspirations many usually set for themselves.

I haven’t quite set anything in stone but I will continue to keep having as much fun as I can with my “work”.  I’ll keep trying to have fun with the kids rather than get through another day of getting ready for school, doing homework, getting chores done, getting to practices on time.  I’ll try to make myself presentable each day…even if I don’t have to leave the house (ie change out of pjs and comb hair).

What will you set out to do this year?  Will you try something new?  Will you make your life more simple?

Perhaps you need a jump start…a giggle to start your day.  This is often what I get…a total in-your-face moment.
A bit difficult to pass up an opportunity to smile.