Is red for you?

Red is always in style.  Some seasons more than others.  Red is easy and fabulous in moderation.  A red handbag, red shoes….how about red lips?  It can be a scary color to try, especially if you are not used to having a prominent lip color. 

My biggest complaint has always been the bleeding.  You can’t hide it when a red shade bleeds.  You start to look like a Beetlejuice character.  So finding the right lipstick, first of all, is key.  I’ve been a long-time fan of Revlon’s ColorStay Overtime.  It stays put so well that you need a special product to remove it. But no bleeding here.

When wearing red lipstick it’s important to find the right shade for you.  Once you find the right shade it can be a fun and refreshing change.  It will possibly startle you looking at yourself in the mirror with blood-stained lips…but if you stand back, perhaps in front of a full-length mirror, and look at the whole package you’ll find that it’s probably quite fabulous on you!

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