Get the look – on sale

Donald Pliner is a shoe-visionary.  Combining absolute beauty with comfort.  So it is with great anticipation that I wait for the amazing sale at HauteLook this Tuesday, 10a.m. CST.

About: “Based in a 25th floor aerie on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue at 57th street, the Donald J Pliner corporate office and showroom transports the visitor inside the highly visual world of the designer’s mind. The museum-like presentation of shoes-as-art coexists comfortably with the relaxed living-room-like setting. Overstuffed sofas, artifacts and unique collections of masks, horns, and African textiles from his travels create a casual elegance that at once welcomes and relaxes the visitor. “The Moroccan influence was a result of traveling for pleasure for 12 consecutive years to Morocco,” says Pliner. “I love the mystique of the area, the colors, the scents, the beat of the drums, the rhythm in general…there’s a romance, it’s visually hypnotic.”

The Donald J Pliner motto is to “live the luxury of comfortable fashion.”

Join HauteLook now to enjoy this fabulous sale event!

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