Fall Notes

I am here in NYC taking a bite out of the big apple. It’s so fabulous seeing the fashions to look forward to this spring 2010. But seriously? What the heck are we supposed to wear now, right??
Let’s take a trip back to February ’09 in NYC to find out what is hot this fall…

Color: just about anything goes. Not much of a prevalent single color. A common thread (no pun intended) was monochromatic schemes. Not so much like spring where there are a variety of mixed colors. Like this photo from the Erin Featherston show. A beautiful black dress with the flocked dots. Gives more dimension and interest, but easy to coordinate.

There were some great patterns at Mara Hoffman’s show. Her collection showed quite a variety and a lot of creativity. These patterns are bold, but not overwhelming like some who seem to imitate a flower boutique explosion.

And don’t forget your hardware. Studded boots, jackets and even tights were spotted on the runway. I don’t recommend the tights for everyday, but the boots and jackets are great closet additions.

Keep it simple this fall. I’m playing it safe here at fashion week with a mostly black selection in my temporary closet, but pulling color in with fabulous shoes, jewelry and handbags.