Support Kelsey’s Law!

Because doing good is fashionable and beautiful…

The cell phone bill, now named the Kelsey Smith Act, cleared the Kansas Senate Utilities Committee and will be heard by the full Senate on Tuesday, March 24th. Hooray!
Parents, Greg and Missey, will be in attendance. Keep them in your thoughts today as they continue to honor Kelsey in such a positive way.

Brief summary:
Kelsey was kidnapped and murdered almost two years ago from an Overland Park, KS store parking lot. Although having access to certain cell phone records may not have saved Kelsey’s life, it would have helped authorities, and her family, find her body sooner than 4 days after the fact.
The new Act will enable authorities to gain access to certain cell phone records/info rapidly in case of an emergency. Perhaps one day this will save the life of another.

Follow the progress of the Act, and hopefully celebrate it’s unanimous passing, on Facebook. Just search Kelsey’s Law and you can join the group.

Please contact your senator and ask them to support the Kelsey Smith Act. Also, please contact all of the Senate Utilities Committee Members and thank them for getting the bill out of committee. Senate Majority Leader, Senator Derek Schmidt (

Let’s get this bill spread to every state!