More On Bagging It

Another day on my quest for a chic laptop bag. I received several suggestions about finding the right bag. I should add that I am looking for something very sophisticated that won’t send me out of an important meeting with my tail between my legs while laughed out of the room. I need a fab power bag fit for a simple sit down at Starbucks, or strolling the streets of Manhattan.

So I definitely had to check out what my Manhattan girlfriend suggested.
Talene Reilly.

I don’t really desire a bag that has been featured in so many magazines that it’s common…but dang it if there aren’t a few that perfectly fit the bill.
I might have to wait until I’m actually in Manhattan to buy one so that I can slip my laptop inside and make sure there is still room for all the other crap I schlep around.

I have my eye on the Sydney and the Debra styles. I really like the Sydney in houndstooth or black microsatin. Definitely chic geek, as they say. And definitely doesn’t scream “I’m from the Midwest!” while I’m strolling Park Avenue.