Chic Wine Glass Decor Rocks Your Table Setting

nan_blue_setting It’s girls night at your house and you need some chic new way to rock the table setting.  Fresh flowers are a given but what else?  These wine glass shades will make them ooh and ahh!

Diahann Potter is a banking corporate type turned interior designer and has come up with these beautiful shades that sit delicately upon wine glasses.  Choose from a variety of the latest hot interior design colors to class up your table and wow guests.  Include a flameless tealight and you have beautiful soft lighting and a gorgeous setting.

A set of translucent wine glass shades where given to my by Di for review consideration and I fell in love.  The pack of 6 are in the same color but have varying designs on them…a solid, a stripe, a pattern.  I use them all the time with two glasses on the table on either side of a floral arrangement.  At night I sometimes add the tealight for a little shimmer.  For our dinners the shades add a bit of whimsy and add color since our plates are stark white.

The translucent shades are $22 for a set of 6 and can be purchased at