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Lucky Magazine recently asked it’s contributors (I am one of them) to post about some clever closet organizing.  I will NOT claim to be an organized person whatsoever.  I who was once a “who moved my cheese” kinda gal has changed quite a bit since having 3 boys and now I just aim to have cleared pathways in the house so no one trips in case of fire.

I have an embarrassingly small closet that drives me mad.  It barely qualifies as a walk in.  You can walk in but don’t expect to dance around in your party dress in there.
bags Handbags take up a lot of room and shoes can create a huge mess.  My solutions are to hang coat hooks on the side of this built in shelving unit we have.  Keeps my handbags off the floor but easily reachable.  Also hubbys ties and belts hang the same way on “his side”.


Shoes go in clear plastic shoe boxes and stack on shelves.



Necklaces and bracelets are easily kept organized and safe on jewelry bars, just like in the stores.  You can buy these at stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.  Or online at many jewelry supply stores.


I love jewelry.  I love to buy it, make it, wear it.  So I have a lot.  I added picture frame hooks to the insides of the shelf unit to hang those bracelets that have lots of dangling pretty pieces. Also a few along the back hold up some of my necklaces.


DSC00802 DSC00805

Another shelf has all that stuff to iron, smooth wrinkles, steam clothes, polish shoes, etc.

At the bottom are shoes I wear most often.  I can’t bother to put them in the plastic storage boxes every day so they get to sit out and look pretty.

What tips do you have for organizing your closet? Share below in the comments section.


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