Broken necklace + quick fix = New piece!

supplies and necklace I am by no means a crafty person but I do have a bit of a background dabbling in jewelry making.  I’ve had this great layered necklace for quite a while.  Fell in love with it at the BCBG store.  But then it eventually snagged on something and a few strands popped off. It went into the “to be fixed” basket which should be named “on a cold day in hell” basket.  If you live in the Kansas City area like I do, that day seems to be coming tomorrow so I dived in to get creative and show you necklace layering on a budget.



My supplies are:

~the strand of small faux pearls that came off the original necklace

~an inexpensive chain picked up at hobby store

supply pieces

~two tools that every fashionista should have on hand for minor fixes like this, sort of like flat nosed and round nosed pliers.

~a few jump rings (about $0.50) and a lobster clasp (around $2 for silver).


The strand of faux pearls was still intact so I attached one end to a jump ring, attached the cheap silver chain to the jump ring, and repeated on the other side.  Add the lobster clasp and you have a two strand necklace.

But it’s boring.  So we layer.

I added it to another piece that I made very inexpensively.  The pendant is a large faceted glass bead with some dangling pieces at the bottom, attached to what is called a bail.  The bail slides onto the nylon cord. Voila. Another necklace.

Add the two necklace sets together and you have:

necklace with pendant added necklace close up

Still a bit of a snooze fest so lets get crazy and purposely break off another piece of that original necklace (you can call this “Deconstructing” if you need a cooler name for it).  I removed a strand of the larger round faux pearls and added it to our lovely model:

necklace pendant and extra strand

Eh….a bit dainty and not me.  Let’s try it with a little more edge.  Another in the “to be fixed” basket was this strand of sodalite beads and hematite chips I put together ages ago.  Add this instead of the larger round bead strand and you have:

with black strand

Since it’s below freezing and I just can’t resist, let’s give her a sassy black leather jacket and send this girl out into the world!

with leather jacket

With this start and a little more time and shopping, imagine what we could come up with!  What are you excited to make? Love this idea?   Please button click to tweet copy    It’s easy. thanks!

~ Jennifer