60 seconds to gorgeous..

In our beauty fantasies, we all have glam squads to help us get as perfectly gorgeous as Kim Catrall, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel. But in reality, we simply don’t have the time to sit in chair after chair primping and prepping. We rounded up some simple beauty tricks from the pros to take you from drab to fab in less than a minute each. So go ahead, hit the snooze button and get ready to take your getting-gorgeous routine down to next-to-nothing.

Fresh Faced
An SPF-packed tinted moisturizer can treat, protect and smooth skin simultaneously. Look for formulas with light reflectors; the tiny shimmering particles can get you glowing in no time. For the quickest finish — and easiest absorption — apply with fingers.

To smooth the cuticle and impart shine on unmanageable locks, opt for the smallest application of a body moisturizer — yes, you read right — to your mane. Dab a dollop in between hands and run palms from root to tip, suggests celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin, whose fans include everyone from Veronica Webb to Mandy Moore. Look for silicone-based products, which amp up shine.


Lemon Aid
When life gives you lemons, use them to lose weight and enhance your hands. For a morning drink to help reduce bloat, squeeze a lemon into a glass of hot water. Rub the rind on nails for a brightening effect.

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