Burn baby burn

It’s difficult to be a fashionista AND play one on tv. 😉
It’s especially difficult to juggle it all and still be ready on time each morning. I’ve learned to start early to allow myself a bit of time, but last weekend I was in a rush and paid a horrible price. I am scarred by the experience. Truly!

If you are going to crank up the curling iron to the hottest setting and still rush…know that a burn at 395 degrees is going to do some damage.
It doesn’t even look like I have a monster hickey on my neck. It just looks like I’m incredibly stupid.
For such similar occasions in your home (especially if you have kids) I highly recommend having this product by WaterJel on hand. My eyes were watering like they do when you bang your nose. I have never had such a painful curling iron burn and had to send hubby scrambling to Walgreens to get anything to take away the pain. What he found for me was this brand but with pain relief something or other in it. It worked fabulously.
It’s online at drugstore.com for $6.29. It’s worth every penny.
Lesson learned.