Fashionista Camp Out

For a girl that grew up as a tomboy and loved running around the lake area all day, I sure was a priss over the weekend.

I couldn’t help it, I’ve been converted. However, as a mom of three boys I’ve got to get back into the swing of things where worms, fish and dirty lake water are concerned.

Here are a few things I recommend having on hand.

SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard Plus. Bug repellent & sunscreen in one. Easy one-step application versus making the monsters hold still for bug spray then sunscreen.

A hat to keep the yuck off your head and the sun off your face. My choice is the Go Girly or Go Home company hats. If I absolutely have to wear a hat, it’s going to have to be girly and cute. $36 online and at Haute Market events.

Some very cute flip-flops were in order as well. These are from Two Chic Blvd. in Overland Park, KS. they have a new location filled with cute summer tops and fab shoes!