Disney Couture

The good folks at Disney always come up with pretty fab ideas:
Johnny Depp in a pirate suit, rats whipping up delicious treats…and now this.
Disney Couture is nothing new, but the lavish line of accessories looks like it’s received an upgrade.

This stuff is definitely not your little girl’s jewelry! Sure, pieces like the Alice Blue Bracelet might send young hearts all aquiver with delight, but it’s really mommy and big sis who’ll revel in all that sparkle and shine. And you may have cried during Bambi (your secret’s safe with us), but the enigmatic Bambi and Flower Chain Necklace is guaranteed to make you smile.

Sure, none of this jewelry is exceptionally elegant – eveningwear, it’s not – but you’ll get some mileage out of select pieces. They’re whimsical and youthful, harkening back to those days when all you needed was a cartoon and a Coke to make you happy. Nowadays, it takes something a little more stylish to capture your attention.

A little tip: the Pocahontas Wrap Leather Bracelet is surprisingly sexy. Who knew?
~by East Coast Fashionista